Glad you dropped by. I’ve been wanting to write and so I thought a blog would be a good way to start. Truth is, I’ve been writing for a long time!

But, I’ve never been bold enough to put it out where it would actually get read. So I decided I would begin with a blog. This might be different than most, although it might not be. There is no particular theme, except me!

How self-centered is that? But here’s where I’m going with it. I’m a firm beleiver that you have to dig deep and see what you see. When you find it, be it! Well, I’ve been doing some digging and I keep coming up with the same thing. Be me!

Well, being me is pretty easy, I seem to do it all the time, but it hasn’t always been this way. In my recent past, and far past as well, I’ve been what you might call a people-pleaser, a softy, feeling for the underdog. And also very loyal to those around me. In the loyalty, I got off-track a little.

Actually A LOT! I forgot who I was, in fact, I don’t know if I ever really knew who I was. I was a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother and a friend. I tried my best to figure out what I could do to please my parents, my siblings, my children and my friends…and in the process learned to just go along, get along, but losing myself in the process.

I made a couple of rather astonishing choices later on to be who I wanted to be. To do what I wanted to do! and I’ve ended up here. Writing about what I enjoy now, and also how I happened to get to this point in my life.

So to give some clarity, I’ve come up with several categories for now. The first one is “Inspiration,” These are thoughts that I hope will inspire you. The second category is “Revelation.” Here I will chronical lessons learned as well as insights gained, hoping you may learn from my personal experiences. The third area will be a current project I’m working on, a renovation of a small property. Another department will be dedicated to Health and Healing where I will share some of what I’m learning about my health along with my latest favorite pantry items and recipes. And being that this is a work in progress, there may be other categories as I move along on this path.

I would love to have an ongoing conversation with you, too! So if you have questions or comments please feel free to share them. And if I leave out details that you are curious about, please let me know and it may end up being fodder for future blogs.

Oh, and I guess I ought to add—this is all new to me. I hope there will be a comments section below, so you can leave comments. But if there isn’t, well, bear with me, one great thing about blogging is I can go back and change or add, and believe me, I will! And one more “Oh.” You probably noticed there is no green hair in this picture, but there is a green chair! I loved the picture as a welcome, so I forfeited the green hair!

Here’s to a bright future together! Thanks for joining me!