Green Haired Me!

It’s not easy being green!  It’s not easy being ME! 

Well, it’s been loads of fun, though!  But as I’ve reflected on different definitions of “being green,” I came up with one green way of thinking that used to bug me a lot.  ‘Being new at something’ is a way of being green.  

I see it like .. well, I haven’t done this before!  I haven’t written a blog before.  WordPress makes it pretty easy.  But for me the preliminary, before the actual making it public has been oh, so challenging.  I don’t know why I think I have to do it myself!  I sometimes challenge myself by thinking, I could easily get help.  I could ask. I could pay. I could copy a blog that I really like.  But it still leads me back to doing the groundwork myself.

I don’t mind so much not knowing something.  I don’t think it’s the not knowing that is bothersome. It seems to me finding out where to look for the information is what stymies me.  Although even that isn’t such a difficult task.  

I’ve been on Youtube, watched how to get a blog up and running.  It made sense while I was watching, and looked oh so easy!  But then as I get to the drawing board, I find myself stifled again.  What did they say, where do I look, how does this happen?  And what am I trying to do?  What’s  a post, and what’s a page? Hmmm?  Might be simple questions, but for me, I didn’t know the difference, so I didn’t know I didn’t know.

One WordPress ‘Happiness Engineer” suggested I read through the information about the “theme” and then recreate the theme I am interested in, but how do I do that?  It looks like I have page after page after page, or should I say screen after screen after screen and they are the same!  Or are they different?  Is one later than the other, did I work on one and not the other?  I was confused, not only by how to do what I wanted to do, but what was I doing?  I didn’t quite know how to put it into words because nothing, absolutely nothing, was clear to me.  I couldn’t formulate the question since I didn’t know what I was asking.

Get the picture?  Green with a capital “G.”

In spite of all my ‘not knowing,’ with 60 minutes of training from WordPress, several Youtube videos and the “chat” option at the bottom of the page, I am ready to let this blog begin!

I colored my hair green! At first I was shocked and surprised at how I looked. Strange… many people have color in their hair, but very few have green! It was pointed out to me that a Grammy winner, Billie Eilish has green hair and a picture landed on my phone of this cute, young girl with green roots.

One day shortly after my hair color changed, it occurred to me! A blog titled “Reflections of the Green Haired Girl.” Being the impulsive person I sometimes am, I went into WordPress and bought the Domain and before long I had instructions on choosing a theme (I chose “Veni”) and the beginning of the blog began.

The first story I wrote is currently being writing over! It was depressive and negative. I totally changed my mind about it before it was published. Thank goodness! In its place is this current short description of how I began my blogging journey.

What I’ve noticed with this green hair is that people either love it, or they say nothing. When they love it, I reap the rewards of such compliments as, “I love your hair,” or “Wow, I love that green, nobody has green hair,” or one of the most memorable, “Please plan on coming to our St. Patrick’s Day Party and keep your hair green!”

Another incident that really stands out was a nice-looking young man passed me in the grocery store and then turned his cart around and looking me straight in the eyes, exclaimed, “I really love your hair.” He continued on his shopping and so did I, but that might have been when it struck me what a positive outcome I’ve been receiving since making the change to green hair.

So here I am. Beginning a journey, a new direction and sharing what I’m seeing and learning in the world; how the the world works in my world and other idiosyncrasies.

Thank you so much for joining me and may we have a long and interesting journey together!

And if you have THOUGHTS on this subject, laugh out loud and let me know!