Metaphors and Snow Globes

Metaphors can help our understanding.  Sometimes words just don’t get the point across.  When the words don’t do it, a picture is worth a 1000 words.

Yesterday I was with a client and we were talking about snow globes.  Weeks before in a session, I flipped my snow globe over and over again.  I wanted to get the point across that if we leave our thoughts alone, they will settle down.  Just like the little flecks in a snow globe. This analogy impressed him.  He bought himself a snow globe.  He’s fascinated by how much his snow globe is helping him when he gets anxious, overwhelmed or worried.  What stood out for him is that his thoughts will settle.

Background:  I had an insight that our thoughts are always present, from the time we are born until we die.  We have thoughts!  Many people are trying to get rid of their thoughts, but a better practice is to recognize we have them and they just keep going, from birth to death.  Getting clients to recognize this is sometimes a challenge.  Helping them to realize that if we don’t pay attention to our thoughts they will eventually settle.  There are lots of metaphors for this, but shaking my snow globe next to my chair is one way of getting the point across.

My insight!  Yesterday as he was talking I looked over at my snow globe and I saw (in my imagination) a little head in the snow globe.  I said to my client, “Can I share something with you.  I just got an insight!”

He was talking about how he has a difficult time being around people.  I said, “I think my snow globe should have a little head in it, instead of this castle.  We are all walking around in our own snow globe.  We are all dealing with our own thoughts all the time.  I’m in my snow globe, you are in yours.  That’s how thoughts work.  My thoughts are unique to me and your thoughts are unique to you.  Only when we discuss and become curious about each other’s thoughts can we bridge the gap created by our individual snow globes.  Maybe knowing this could help you in being around people.”

A light went on.  We laughed about my snow globe metaphor.  And it became clear to me that this snow globe metaphor has much more implication for me now than it did before. 

It’s amazing to me how our mind works.  Helping me to help others to understand what I understand, so they can have a less worrisome life, a clearer mind and a way to settle into their peace and well-being that’s always there.