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I’ve been thinking about this blog post for quite awhile. I’m obviously still quite confused as to how these blogs work. This may have posted as a blank post, or maybe before I wanted it to. I’m completing it now and will repost. Other already written posts sit here, incomplete, and I’m not sure how to access them. But whatever is going on, I want to share some of my favorite things with you.

It occurred to me that with all of the many changes going on in my life, there are some things that I’m learning that are fun and new to me. Certain foods, people and websites really stick out in my mind, and I thought you might enjoy my sharing them with you.

Like, for example a short video by Linda Pransky. I’ll bet I’ve seen this video no less than fifty times. I show it to most of my clients, and to the ones I haven’t shown it to, I’ve probably sent it to them in a text or email. It was really meaningful to me after attending my first Professional Training in La Conner, Washington in February 2019. Most people get what Linda is saying when she says “look away.” It makes so much sense to me that when we focus on the negative it gets more of our attention and we “feel bad.” So why not look away from it? When we do, our thoughts will settle and we’ll get new ideas. This is so simple, easy to understand and yet profound.

I’ve told many of my clients that in ‘my field’ and in my training, I was taught to dig in to the past, which makes our clients leave our office with a bad feeling. But in the past I wasn’t as aware of the feelings being created, I was more focused on doing what I thought (and been trained) would help. Little did I realize that helping a person to feel better is really what they were wanting to achieve by coming to see me.

It’s true that some people think that if they “understand” what’s going on, they think they will feel better. But that isn’t necessarily so. I’ve always encouraged my clients to trust that if you are meant to know these so-called secrets, they will surface automatically. We don’t have to go digging for the information. I knew this instinctively because it happened over and over for me. I would have a deep question I couldn’t figure out. At some point, occasionally, the answer would just show up. Sometimes it was years later, and always after I gave up on trying to know or figure it out.

Feel free to leave comments down at the very bottom of this page should you decide to watch this 5 minute video. I always love to hear the effect this video has on those who watch it.

Another YouTube video gets the point across in a more direct way. I laughed so hard when I watched this Bob Newhart version of looking away from our negative experiences. I hope you do as well.

Barb Patterson presents with the Pransky’s at the Professional Training. She has a podcast Real Business Real Lives. I loved listening to these conversations while at the gym when it was open. It closed mid March due to COVID-19.

In this particular podcast, Aaron Turner talks about “state of mind.” Although I’ve recommended many of her podcasts to my clients, I was really impacted in this exceptional presentation. Turner is clear and precise in how he describes state of mind. He also uses a wonderful example of how his knowledge is spread to those he does business with.

Have you made changes in your health recently, especially with COVID-19?

I have. When first diagnosed with diabetes I was eating plant-based due to a previous cancer diagnosis (Melanoma) and following Forks Over Knives. FOK is wonderful information and recipes that are delicious and varied for the most part. They also have an app that I downloaded and a movie. I believe I watched the movie on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

As soon as I was diagnosed with diabetes, I began searching the internet for the latest information to assist me in my food choices. This led me to Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetic Solution. He recommends a low carb diet. Really low carb, about 30 carbs a day is his recommendation. He believes that diabetics will do better with less carbs. They will have less fluctuations as well as less related illnesses if the blood sugar is kept low. His recommendation for a fasting blood glucose is 83. Dr. Bernstein is a diabetic himself and was diagnosed when he was 12 years old. He is currently in his 80’s. He has tons of Youtube videos, if you are interested.

I immediately changed from plant-based to low carb, adding meat, eggs, fish, butter and cheese back into my diet. I hadn’t noticed how much I had avoided these items over the previous months until I started planning meals that were low carb. Fruit had never been a priority of mine, but with low carb I eliminated it completely. I also got rid of my rice milk and added almond milk which was much lower in carbs and just as high in fat. I also bought protein drinks and even though they would raise my blood sugar quite a bit, the ones I purchased were considered low carb.

A few weeks after diagnosis, I had a follow-up doctors appointment. At that time I was given some good news and bad news. The good news was my A1C was going down and it had only been a few weeks. The A1C is a 3-month measurement of a person’s glucose. At diagnosis mine was 8.4. Less than three months later it was 7.0 and going in the right direction. The bad news was my cholesterol had jumped up nearly 100 points. That’s a huge jump in a short time. It was over 300. I’d worked hard with the plant-based diet to lower my cholesterol and was ready to add exercise to my weekly routine when I was diagnosed. Fearful of how to handle the glucose lows during exercise and trying my best to maintain a low carb diet, I had put off exercise. When my doctor suggested medication, I asked her if we could wait to see if adding exercise could lower it significantly rather than begin a statin. She agreed.

Enter Facebook Group. As I was interacting on Facebook regarding my diet and managing my new diagnosis, Mastering Diabetes caught my eye. This is a low-fat whole-food plant-based food plan for diabetics. So now I’ve got even more information and … due to my high cholesterol, it seemed a great way to go. I never was completely convinced of eating meat, fish, eggs and dairy, but I was doing it for my “health.”

I began the research process, again. I signed up for a waiting list for the Mastering Diabetes coaching program. I gave away the meat in my freezer, deviled my eggs and gave them away, finished up my oil and other items I had in my refrigerator that I wouldn’t replenish as soon as the switch was complete. Now back to plant-based, only this time, low fat (no oil), very few nuts and adding fruit. This is really a food plan that would benefit everyone, not just diabetics or pre-diabetics. And it’s been educational!

Mastering Diabetes offers Zoom coaching calls weekly. It is totally interactive, where our questions are answered and we get to know the other clients. Since I’ve been participating in this program and their Facebook page, I’ve found a couple of blogs that I really like and will include them here as my favorite things.

The first blog is an adorable young female who is diabetic. She shares her diabetic story along with fashion and food ideas. Check out Fashion, Faith, Food to see what I mean.

Then yesterday I was looking for how to cook artichokes in my Instant Pot and found Gimme Some Oven. This blog is written by a Kansas City girl who currently lives in Barcelona. Apparently artichokes are abundant and reasonably priced in Spain. This recipe turned out great, but I added a few minutes to her suggestion. I think it took about 20 minutes for my artichokes to get as soft like I like them. I’ve landed on her website a couple of times when looking for plant-based recipes so I thought I’d pass it on to you.

Being at home with more time on my hands has been quite a change and yet not really. Prior to COVID-19 my work days were Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays from noon to 5:00p.m. But most of the rest of those three days were used for billing and calling insurance companies to straighten out billing problems. Now I’m home all the time, and many of my clients have dropped off since I’m no longer doing face-to-face appointments. So I find myself outside a little more, walking for my exercise (and diabetes) and enjoying my yard.

I love this time of year when my flowers start blooming. I have a beautiful climbing Cecile Brunner rose that blooms first. It’s in bloom right now. The fragrance is of the old roses, sweet and powdery with a dash of pepper in it. It’s a miniature rose flower on a full-sized climbing rose bush. Years ago it went all the way across my patio entry way, but it became unmanageable and rambling. I trim it back every year now and just let it bloom in place.

Cecile Brunner Rose

In a few days, my star jasmine will begin blooming with the spicy, smokey fragrance and then by early May, the Arabian Jasmine blooms. The Arabian Jasmine smells so good, a little like gardenias and blooms constantly until late October or November. Then the yard is quiet until this time next year.

Arabian Jasmine
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