Mastering Diabetes “Chopped Challenge”

Just want to give an update and let you know I’m still here.  Here in my home, pretty much most of the time, except for an errand now and then, especially to pick up food.

So my latest endeavor is joining a “Chopped Challenge.”  I’ve mentioned Mastering Diabetes before and that I joined their coaching program about a month ago.  Off and on they have challenges for the participants in their coaching program.  The first competition that I was aware of was an “intermittent fasting challenge.”  I was new in the program and it didn’t feel right for me at the time, although, I did do a fast a couple of days later after reading and following the posts. 

Their next challenge was an “exercise challenge.”  The exercise challenge would have been a good one for me to join, but, although I was exercising on a daily basis, they were using a particular program, Fitness Blender.  At the time, I felt I had enough new information without having to learn a new app.  For those of you that are interested, apparently has multiple options for you to choose from to create your own exercise program including a video to follow.  Next time I will give it a try.

So this time I was ready and eagerly awaiting a different challenge, one I could sink my teeth into (no pun intended).  Here’s how it goes.  About a week before the challenge, a list of foods were published which included three items each day. Each day we were to somehow use the three items to create a meal for the day.

Here’s the list by day:

Thursday 4/23:            Quinoa, kale and bell peppers

Friday 4/24:                 Sweet potatoes, brown rice, collard greens

Saturday 4/25:            Cauliflower, garlic, and purple cabbage

Sunday 4/26:               Mango, papaya and arugula

Monday 4/27:             Turmeric, beets, broccoli

Tuesday 4/28:             Romaine, chickpeas, and mushrooms

Wednesday 4/29:        Lentils, golden raisins, jalapeno peppers

You may recall, when I was diagnosed in October 2019, I was eating a plant-based diet, but not rigidly.  Immediately upon my diagnosis, I began eating low carb; then, when I was introduced to Mastering Diabetes, I went back to plant-based, but this time it was a plant-base whole food low fat way of eating. Obviously, all recipes do not fit into this way of eating, so I’m constantly adjusting vegetarian recipes to eliminate fat, and other times just eating plain food. 

This challenge for me has been fun! 

I’m learning to integrate different foods into my diet as well as finding foods I enjoy and also, some that I don’t care for.  For example, in trying to prepare collard greens, I used a Paula Deen’s recipe that called for pork and butter.  I just omitted both ingredients, but decided I don’t care for collard greens for the time being. 

Quinoa, kale and yellow and red peppers.

Day 1, I made a salad of quinoa, black beans, peppers, lemon juice and vinegar with tomatoes on the side. I air-fried the kale. I thought it turned out pretty good and must add, it was delicious.

Day 2, I used Paula Deen’s recipe for collard greens without the meat and oil. The meal was very basic and simple with sweet potato chips (made in the air fryer), brown rice and a green salad of arugala, tomato, onion and cucumber.

Today I will be making cauliflower soup and Chinese braised red cabbage without the sugar.  I made it a few days ago to practice and used dates for the sweetness, but felt that the sugar wasn’t really necessary. So this afternoon I will try it without.   

Hope you are learning new talents while staying at home and keeping us all safe and healthy. The timing for me has been perfect.

I’m off to the store now to find some red peppers. Have a delightful day! If you’re having a beautiful warm day, like I am in Henderson, NV get out in the sunshine and enjoy it!

Talk with you soon!