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A common sense approach to spiritual psychology.

Our state of mind has everything to do with how life appears to us. We are constantly being influenced by the “mood” we are in. Much of traditional therapy today provides tools and techniques to change what is going on in your mind. It’s a lot of work and they leave out the most important information related to our spiritual nature.

In late 2018, I was exposed to a beautiful bit of information that provided clarity to me regarding our spiritual nature and how the mind works. I share this understanding with my clients so they can experience more satisfaction and contentment in their life. If this sounds interesting to you, please contact me.

I can give referrals to local providers who may take your insurance

Recently, because my lease was up, and COVID-19 created the opportunity to work from home, I decided to move my business to online only. Unfortunately, I don’t believe all platforms are working at 100% effectiveness at this time, probably due to so many new customers and companies using the platform. Unfortunately, therefore, I have decided to no longer take any new clients.

I am not familiar with other providers in the area who are taking insurance, although there is one or two I can refer you to. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee they are taking your specific insurance.


When I retired from the Veteran’s Administration is 2014, my plan was to work part-time and do “other things.” As usual for me, I didn’t know what the “other things” were. I felt I needed a company, a title, something rather than just my name, so I hired a coach to assist me in the transition. I had a “feeling” about what I wanted, but no clarity.

She and I worked on finding a name for my company. I still remember us brainstorming names. “Oasis” no, that was already taken. “Center,” too common, “services” not warm enough, finally she said, “pathways,” yes, that’s perfect. I already had lots of pictures of pathways and I could take more on my travels. Also, it rang true to me because I’m of the philosophy that we are each on our own path…pathway. Cool!

Then it was time to come up with something to go with “pathway” because name “Pathways” by itself was already taken. I thought about this and out of the blue, thought to myself, “what represents me, my travels, and my life.” Looking around my house, I saw magnets everywhere, on my refrigerator, on the metal on my mirror and it struck me, Magnetic Pathways LLC. There was a double meaning too, because I also believe that we are all the time magnetizing things to us, and it sort of goes with hypnosis, something I was focusing on expanding in my practice at the time. So Magnetic Pathways LLC it was!

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As I continue this transition brought about by COVID-19, but knocking on my heart for several months, I would love to keep you informed as I make my way into my next chapter. Please join me by subscribing to my newsletter/blog. Thank you.

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